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Kearney & O’Doherty Public Affairs

KO was founded by two of Maryland’s most effective political and public affairs strategists to combine communications and government affairs in a one-stop shop – bringing campaign tactics and focus to public affairs. We combine unparalleled intelligence and insight about current governmental attitudes and initiatives, with a proven public and private-sector track record of designing and implementing successful strategies to achieve even the most complex, difficult objectives.

Entertainment Concepts Investors EIC Live

Launched more than a decade ago, Entertainment Concepts Investors (ECI) currently operates more than a dozen different concepts in excess of 50 locations, and counting. According to Reed Cordish, “Our entire development outlook is based upon long-term commitment to quality. Our ability to place certain concepts into our large-scale developments allows us to ensure the businesses — specifically those focused on entertainment — share the same long-term commitment to the quality of a develop­ment through the quality of operations. In addition, it allows us to create unique concepts that are a terrific draw for a particular area


Mission is a full-service creative agency that believes great work comes from the heart, mind and gut. We partner with like-minded clients to design & develop meaningful brand experiences that increase awareness and change perceptions. With deep roots in both online and offline marketing, we do whatever it takes to get it done.

Mission TIX

Heart, mind and gut are at the core of everything we do. We believe in turning bleeding-edge technologies into rock solid solutions for direct ticket sales and event promotion. We believe in offering exceptional customer service in an industry we love.


Savant is a complete marketing think tank. We build innovative advertising and imaging concepts for businesses who want to cross the great divide between product and brand. Diverse markets are our specialty and we offer an array of client services that speak to anything image driven. Printed visuals, web construction, multimedia video presentations and visual production of business collateral; such as business card, letterhead, brochures and novelty spin offs are just the tip of the proverbial iceberg. We also create and edit language, devise larger than life ad campaigns and offer art direction. Our brand of branding is concrete. Be recreated with Savant…and let us brand your future!