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About the Organization

Founded in 2011 by Zachary McDaniels, the Philanthropik Foundation, a 501 (C) 3 organization is dedicated to encouraging people to give back and contribute to their communities by providing much needed funding to programs and institutions that provides valuable services to the historically disadvantaged communities. With a specific focus on providing opportunities through building Diversity initiatives in social, civic, and economic endeavors both locally and nationally. Philanthropik has developed a base of friends, collaborators and supporters dedicated to supporting its mission.


Our continuing vision is of our people living and working together to experience the power and joy of life as active participants in a vibrant and vital diverse community. We will realize our vision when we have a sustainable community that exhibits excellence.

We believe that this vision for our community is absolutely achievable through careful planning by Philanthropik in partnership with the organizations we fund and the many other institutions that devote themselves to the betterment of life in Baltimore around the country and throughout the world.


PHILANTHROPIK is a series of charitable functions produced by activist, strategist and entrepreneur, Zachary McDaniels; designed to give all his friends, associates and business partners the opportunity to donate to, gain relationship with and connection to organizations of both historic significance and human value. These organizations often get saturated in traditional fundraising patterns that don’t induct the newest influx of wealth into their databases. PHILANTHROPIK is an effort to help join those who want to give with those that need it. A simple concept with continual gains! Let’s promote the future...


Our continuing vision is of our people living and working together to experience the power and joy of life as active participants in a vibrant and vital diverse community. We will realize our vision when we have a sustainable community that exhibits excellence in each of the following four areas:

  • A compassionate community that lifts and empowers its most vulnerable members and extends a compassionate hand to those in need.
  • An involved community that welcomes people of every age, in every neighborhood, wherever they gather, and offers them many ways to connect to their community and engaged other ethnic communities.
  • A wise community that encourages lifelong study through a wealth of high-quality formal and informal educational opportunities.
  • A community that seeks social justice in the spirit of the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and his spirit of non-violent activism.


Zachary McDaniels, President - An entrepreneur who has launched and successfully managed several different business ventures, including Graham Ave Consulting, McDaniels and Simmons Holdings & McDaniels & Murphy Ventures. Working in the fields of civil rights, electoral politics, business, and political activism for more than twenty years, McDaniels has a planned and produced several successful events including the Hip Hop Inaugural Ball , Russell Simmons 2009 Grammys Nominees Party, Murphy Firm National Bar Association Reception, Greater Baltimore Urban League/Philanthropik Birthday Edition hosted by Dr. J, Russell Simmons, Kevin Powell, Hill Harper and Marsha Ambroisuis, Philanthropik-Toy Drive hosted by Ray Rice and Lt Governor Anthony Brown, 6 Sports Conversation Dr. J & Russell Simmons, All Star Weekend 2011 and 6 Sports & Dr. J Family and Friends Playoff Weekend at the Mohegan Sun.

Marty Glaze, Vice President - a managing partner in Commercial Interiors, a Maryland-based, certified MBE Construction Company, with annual revenues of $30 million, employing over 150 full-time professionals in general contracting and interior finishes construction. Baltimore Business Journal 2006 recognizes Commercial Interiors as the 19th Largest Construction and General Contracting firm in Baltimore.

Hassan Murphy, Treasurer - a Managing Partner of the prestigious Murphy Firm in Baltimore, MD. A graduate of Williams College (B.A. political science 1990) and the Georgetown University Law Center (J.D. 1994), Mr. Murphy was an associate in the New York office of Curtis, Mallet-Prevost, Colt and Mosle, a New York based law firm specializing in international transactions, from 1994 to 1997. While at Curtis Mallet, Mr. Murphy specialized in acquisitions, corporate finance and bankruptcy. In that capacity, he represented a $4.7 billion takeover target, a $65 million seller of its assets and a $500 million asset securitization.

He has brought his transactional expertise to the Firm, focusing on accountants' liability and representation of publicly traded corporations, but he also provides general advice to telecommunications companies, investment banks and network integration companies.

Dean Harrison, Secretary - CEO of Harrison Development LLC. Harrison Development is currently involved as developer and co-developer in over $800,000,000 worth of development projects in Baltimore, MD and Washington, DC. These projects include some of the most innovative concepts and daring designs to arrive in these markets. Harrison Development has recently been awarded several groundbreaking new projects that will certainly add to the progress of the Baltimore/Washington Metropolitan region. Dean is now extending his vision to include development initiatives in other regions of the US and the Caribbean.

Julius Erving III - a thriving force within the management and entertainment industry. After selling his Philadelphia-based entertainment management company for a reported $12 million in 2004, Julius Erving III took his share of the sale and launched Julius Erving Group (JEG), another entertainment management company.

Indeed, the young deal maker was successfully expanding his ventures, opening an Atlanta-based boxing gym with R&B singer Mario (who he also manages), and partnering with three friends to develop two sneaker collections (Jhung Yuro and Caesar Lunix). In 2008, the combined revenue of the shoe lines and gyms was $3.5 million.

Erving’s entertainment management company has been thriving and he's added two new acts to its roster. R&B singer Mario also released an album in October 2009, which reached No. 9 on the U.S. Billboard 200 chart and No. 2 on the Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums chart.